This is how easy multichannel is.

Holistic, seamless business solution.


An omni-channel capable structure linking digital and analog channels is a key aspect of the digitalization strategy and essential for competitiveness in sales. Complementing traditional channels such as the telephone, fax and e-mail with individual digital modules is not sufficient. An integrated approach is needed. To date the technology solutions offered in the market have hampered the implementation of an integrated strategy. Now Live Contract closes the gap. For more coverage and added value.  And it does so with convincing advantages.


  • End device compatibility
  • Savings potential
  • Regulatory compliance and data protection security
  • Sustainability / environment
  • Market / growth opportunities

Today the best way to expand sales networks is over the Internet.
Live Contract offers unique services and features.

No war of the operating system worlds. Whether iOS or Android, whether PC, smartphone or tablet, whether Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer - Live Contract can handle all systems and confidently plays its performance and functions on all devices.

Live Contract should inspire every IT expert and technology connoisseur.


A few key points:

  • HTML5 instead of Flash
  • integrated into native Web RTC
  • open interfaces
  • advanced, legally secure signature - by Hidden Tan and SMS Tan method
  • Tablet signature via touch screen
  • qualified, digital mobile phone signature (model Austria)
  • Video and audio chat
  • documents filling
  • Connection to CRM


Live Contract Key Features

  • Multi-tenancy
  • License on-premise and / or SaaS subscription
  • Compatible on all devices
  • On-the-fly upload of documents during the consultation session



Keyword Big Data. The volume of data in consulting and customer-intensive sectors is high. In the insurance industry, on average, 3.7 MB of data are generated per contract in the form of PDF documents (intermediary business card, advisory protocol, application). However, the relevant data contained therein only make up 200 KB. Live Contract reduces the volume of data.

  • Live Contract makes it possible to provide any sales or consulting process specified or specified by the company within 48 hours online.
  • Each consultant / seller will be able to implement the respective sales process within the shortest possible time.
  • This reduces the requirements and the necessary qualification of the user / staff.
  • In sum, this means: Reduction of costs without loss of consulting quality.


Cost savings

With Live Contract you are acting in legally compliant space. Access to the customer's device, plug-in, download or elaborate explanations are not necessary. Even the classic system pattern of desktop sharing is outdated. Live Contract does not need access to the customer's computer at any time. The system works browser-based and absolutely legally secure.

  • Savings on the example of an average application form with 9 pages (including carbon copies) CO2 per A4 sheet = 0.0064 kg | Dataset PDF Request ca. 1300 KB | Pure data content Application approx. 80 KB.
  • Reduction of paper printing, as digital communication, contract management and archiving.
  • Additional avoidance of CO2 by elimination of travel by car and public transport.

How to win and retain customers? With accessibility at all times, a consistent brand and service experience, short reaction times, quick processing of inquiries and applications, a multi-channel dialogue offer. 


Live contract increases customer value


When every sales representative and consultant has up-to-date information on the status of the deal or interest at every stage of the customer life cycle, you create trust and a lasting sense of value for the customer. The consulting, service and customer platform Live Contract offers this quality.


Live Contract reduces expansion costs in sales


They use an omnichannel-capable solution to cost-effectively and qualitatively manage your expansion. Without expensive branches, further sales locations and staff increase. Live Contract creates the virtual space for intensive and high quality consulting and sales discussions with the customer. It makes business easier, more convenient and offers a unique digitally supported customer experience.  


Live Contract is used in many industries:

  • banks
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • asset management
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • health insurance
  • Automotive Industry
  • Telephone companies real estate
  • tourism
  • Retail Wholesale
  • Online trade
  • IT Solutions