Digital transformation in just 48 hours.
Live Contract integrates with the existing IT infrastructure.


As an autonomous system, Live Contract flexibly adapts to the company's infrastructures and interfaces.  It realizes digital sales organization models in a multi-channel environment.  Within 48 hours and without changing the infrastructure.  To date, Live Contract is the only HTML5-based consultation and sales platform that is compatible in full scope. The consultant interface is configured for the processing of all customer interactions and multichannel communication. Customer history and customer context data are available for the consultant in every contact channel. The consistent information quality additionally increases customer satisfaction.

Feature Explanation
Asynchronous view / asynchronous working


The consultant has a different view than the customer. Possibility of controlling what content of the document / screen can be seen on whose side (customer/consultant).

Control of each individual field in the document: Who is permitted to write, who is not permitted to write.

Auto texts with animation effect on the customer side

Synchronous video + audio transmission Video playback is synchronised. Audio is also transmitted to the customer.
Sales call preparation Documents and content can be filled out in advance, prepared and stored, for the consultation.
File Download Logged and monitored file download.
Digital signature Integration of every type of signature is possible.
Teleprompter "Consultant to customer" only (data protection / regulatory compliance)
Desktop sharing Sales reference guide synchronised with documents.
Website synchronisation Company website can be synchronised for the consulting session with minimal effort.


Each activity that is executed during the consultation can be logged via LOG files.

Automatic and manual caching of the processing status of the document.

Capture Plug-In Screen and sound recording of the consultation. Screen recording only consultant site for privacy (access to terminal).