Realizing the potential of digitalization.

Live Contract adapts to your sales needs.


As the ongoing digitalization of the economy rapidly progresses, calls are getting louder in all industries for solutions that support future-proof, competitive business models. Companies want to realize the potential of the digital transformation: more appointments, less time per customer and closing, streamlined administration, cost reduction, profitability. As a customer and process-oriented, integrated solution, Live Contract sets a benchmark in the digital sales business. The holistic multi-channel capable system converges analog and digital communication options. And enables networked service intelligence. This is what appeals to the growing target group of customers with an affinity for omnichannel. This target group expects personalised services on all end devices over all channels. With real-time conveniences such as video legitimation to replace Postident procedures.  With Live Contract you position yourself way out in front in the market. 

Streamlining, savings, efficiency improvements:
Live Contract keeps the competition at a distance.

  • Streamlining of the sales structure / sales processes
  • Faster, more efficient utilisation of customer contacts
  • Online sales with digital signature, closed workflow (contact, consultation, documentation, closing, signature, archiving, lifetime customer management)
  • Initialisation and turnaround "first mile":
  • First sale / customer acquisition, then data interaction
  • Easy data import and export
  • Savings in process costs and personnel costs
  • Cost savings per signed contract