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Everyone is talking about the digital transformation!

But how does it work?


No company wants to be left behind by digitalization. But how do you develop efficient, successful business models? SyncPilot as a specialist for digital sales models and interactive customer value management realizes solutions for midsize enterprises and corporate groups. We help you align your business with the digital transformation, add value, and achieve lasting success with your customers.

Enabling a new customer experience, offering user-friendly web services, being reachable and having data available across all channels, always being there for the customer – we offer the digital platform for customer lifecycle management.

Everything in real time: consulting, an individual offer, contract closing, digital signature. Our Live Contract product realizes this in one session.

Sales models with integrated AI tools enable and increase value creation in the core processes of consulting, closing, and customer service. We offer leading edge solutions.

Being present at all contact points of the customer journey, ready for dialog, gaining data for individual offers and services. We offer the platform for that.

CeBIT 2017, März 20.–24.

Franz-Xaver Bleicher participates in executive talk

Franz-Xaver Bleicher, director and co-founder of SyncPilot GmbH, participated in an executive talk at Deutsche Telekom on March 20, 2017 at the invitation of the Group. Together with Niek-Jan van Damme, member of the board at Deutsche Telekom and Peter Lauterbacher, CEO of wige Media, Bleicher presented SyncPilot GmbH under the topic “Innovative partner play – approaching digitization together with strong start-ups”.