The digital go-to-market model.

Live Contract is ready to use immediately.


There is virtually no industry that is not thinking about digital transformation, multichannel management or better service and faster response times. Companies with retail and sales organisations recognise the optimisation potential for costs, process management and customer lifecycle management. However, they also question the investment cost and implementation effort that may be associated with digital business models. Live Contract is the digital go-to-market model, ready to use immediately with no IT conversion and additional technical effort. All functions are instantly available through the browser interface. The customer does not need to install anything on his desktop. Since this is a pure browser session no access to the customer computer is required.

Digital realization of customer relationship potential.
From the initial contact. Live Contract added value:

  • Greater range in sales
  • Increased customer and contract throughput
  • High customer relevance (multichannel affinity)
  • Extension and reinforcement of market position, without establishing new sales locations or investing in additional qualified personnel
  • Increased lead conversion